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Desert | Plant-Dyed Cotton


Handwoven textiles, created collaboratively with master weavers in Mexico. Read more about the story behind these textiles here.

Desert | Plant-Dyed Cotton

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Desert | Plant-Dyed Cotton

  • 100% cotton

  • Hand dyed with Palo Aguilar

  • Handwoven on a pedal loom


Plant dyed with Palo Aguilar, a tree that grows in the weaver’s mountain village. Once harvested, the tree is fermented for about a month before being used to dye the fine cotton threads. Once dyed, the threads are handwoven on pedal looms in the complex weave patterns of the Mixe indigenous people. . For every tree that is harvested on the weaver’s property, another is planted.

All the beautiful variations of pink and browns are created with just Palo Aguilar in varying intensities. Due to the fickle nature of plant-dying this is a one-of-a-kind piece with subtle details that will never be replicated.


30cm x 212cm (inclusive of fringe)


Hand wash in cold water

Hang to dry

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