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Handwoven in Mitla


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The making of our Mitlas, Ember and Limestone starts with a watercolour painting. Many many watercolour paintings actually. 


Everywhere I look, in the forest, up in the sky, on the streets, I'm constantly inspired by rich and unexpected colour palettes.


With these paintings I go to Alejandro in Mitla and he is always kind to my outlandish designs and helps make my visions come to life. Next, we choose the threads. 


Before a textile is even woven the family spends a full day just to prepare the loom. They wind the warp onto a single large spool, meticulously pulling each thread through one of the four pedal frames.


Then each scarf is manually woven. A technique that involves the perfect sequence and tension of pulling the weft through the shuttle and switching pedal steps. It is a physically and mentally demanding skill that requires immense coordination and focus. 

(We love you, Mauricio!) 

(We love you, Mauricio!) 


We're so grateful to have met Alejandro and his incredibly skilled family of weavers 3 years ago. Visiting with them and watching their business and family grow year after year is one of the highlights of our business. Working with them feels less like business and more like an artistic exchange and friendship. We often talk about their upcoming projects and brainstorm the new fibres and techniques that they're trying. This past year we made sure we could make it to Emiliano's birthday (fully set with Mariachi band, mezcal and of course tons of delicious home cooked food). When I went to visit once (or twice) hungover, his priority was to make me a Michelada. Year after year, its so sweet to see his children get a little older and our trust grow a little deeper.